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Do you watch cartoons online? In this article, we will list the best websites to watch cartoon online. You can watch your favorite anime or other series on these sites for free with no ads!

You probably watch anime online on a regular basis, but if you don’t know which sites are the best to watch cartoon shows or cartoons in general, this article will help! These websites have everything from streaming anime episodes and movies, watching old school Disney classics like The Lion King. Some of these sites even offer live streams for sports games so there is something for everyone. We covered some pros and cons about each website so you can get started with your adventure right away! Ready? Let’s get started!

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So without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the cream of the article.

List of Best Sites to Watch Cartoon Online for Free

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network website is the place where you can watch your favorite Pokemon, Ben Ten, and Adventure Time. This site has an easy layout so there are
no complicated steps that will keep you from watching your show. A good pro would be that this site is available in many different languages which makes it
great if you’re not a native English speaker but still want to enjoy your shows!

However, some cons of this site include ads popping up during videos or having trouble loading sometimes. If these problems do happen often on the Cartoon Network website though they have their own customer service to help you troubleshoot.



This next website is called AnimeLab and it has a great variety when it comes to both anime and Western cartoons! You can watch shows in their original
language with English subtitles or even switch over to dubs if you want.

This site also has a live streaming feature that lets you watch episodes as they air in Japan! Another pro would definitely be having access to older shows like Pokemon and One Piece.

There aren’t too many cons however the only one you should watch out for is ads, especially if you watch on mobile. watch cartoons online For all of our readers who are looking to watch cartoon episodes or movies check this site! They have a variety of both old school classics as well as new ones that just came out so you will never get bored watching here!

The pro about CartoonHut would be having subtitles in multiple languages; there are over 25 different options which means everyone can find something they enjoy watching regardless of what language they speak!

Another plus side would definitely be how easy it is to navigate through their website because everything is categorized in a way that makes sense.



Another one of our favorite sites to watch cartoon shows and movies on would have to be WatchCartoonOnline. This website has a really easy layout with all of your favorite cartoons divided into different categories like action, adventure, comedy, etc.

You can also watch movie versions of some of your favorite TV shows! One pro about this site is definitely the quantity; they have tons of old school cartoons as well as new ones! Another plus side is that there are no ads
which makes watching an episode much more enjoyable.

The only con about WatchCartoonOnline is that there are not a lot of subtitles if you don’t know how to speak the language.

Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll is one of the best sites to watch cartoon online for free. This site is might be the best choice for all the anime lovers out there. Here you can watch all your favorite anime whether it’s Naruto, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, Baki, etc. Here you can watch anime online for free and in HD quality, which makes it even better. And On the plus side, there’s no sign-up/registration required to watch free cartoons. And all these features make it one of the free cartoon sites.

The only con would probably be having to watch cartoon online with tons of ads, this might make it harder for you to watch your shows. Even though, you can use adblocker to remove all the ads.



This next site on the list is Youtube, which is one of the most common sites to watch free cartoon online. You can watch all your favorite cartoons and anime like Naruto, Tom & Jerry, etc, as well as the latest episodes before they come out anywhere else. On youtube, many YouTubers also create their own animated cartoon series.

All you have to do is find any channel or playlist, where your favorite shows are uploaded. Everything is neatly organized into different categories which will make searching easier than ever!

The only con about this site would probably be the ads because there are quite a lot but if you don’t mind them then go ahead and enjoy your favorite cartoon online.



Nickelodeon is another best site to watch online cartoons. Here you can watch all your favorite cartoons and kid shows online. The site is neatly organized into different categories. Here you can watch cartoon online in different languages, like English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

And instead of watching cartoons online, you can also play games, read articles, watch videos from your favorite cartoon shows, like Ninja Turtles, Sponge Bob square pants, etc.

“Ads” aren’t quite the issue here, the site is not loaded with tons of them. Ergo, you can watch your favorite cartoon online for free.

Anime Freak

Anime Freak

The next website on our list is Anime Freak. This site has everything from Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, and Attack on Titan. It also includes dubbed and subbed versions of every episode! So whether you want to watch the original Japanese audio or have it translated into English, Anime Freak has all your needs covered.

A pro of this website would be that they update their library with new episodes regularly so there’s always something new to watch even if you’ve been
following a series for years! Another plus side is that there are no ads which can be really annoying if you watch too many shows. The only con about this site is that some videos do not load properly or the audio and video are out of sync so it can be frustrating to watch.



AnimeTake has something interesting on their website which sets them apart from others; they have live streaming! You can watch sports events, TV series
with subtitles in different languages, even radio stations all through AnimeTake’s easy interface.

A pro would definitely be having access to more than just anime but also other types of entertainment as well! Another plus side is that there are no ads popping up during your video watching experience which is great compared to most sites nowadays that try to make money through those.

The only con about AnimeTake is that there are not a lot of dubbed versions which could be difficult if you don’t know how to read subtitles.



The next website we have on our list is KissAnime and it’s one of the most popular sites when it comes to streaming anime episodes and movies. This site has an easy layout with all of the newest episodes right on the main page so you don’t have to search for them yourself!

A big pro would be that this site updates frequently with new episodes so you always have something to watch However, because KissAnime is so popular it can get pretty crowded. This means that the site can often load slowly or videos might not play properly.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

The last website on our list is Cartoon Network and it does exactly what its name suggests! This site has all your favorite shows like Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls, Ben Ten, etc. A pro would be having access to almost every cartoon ever made so whatever show you want to watch can most likely be found through this one website!

Another plus side is that they update their library frequently with new episodes which makes sure you never run out of things to watch while following
an ongoing series like Steven Universe or The Amazing World Of Gumball. There aren’t too many cons about this website except that some of the videos do not load properly or have a bad quality which can be frustrating.

FAQs: Related to the Article

Q: What’s your opinion about all these websites?

A: All these websites have pros and cons so if one doesn’t fit what you’re looking for then just try another until you find one that you’re happy with!

Q: How do I watch shows in HD?

A: Unfortunately, most of these sites don’t have a high quality so you can either change the settings on your device to watch it there or try again later.

Conclusion: Watch Cartoon Online

All in all, if you are looking to watch free cartoon shows and movies then these websites would definitely help! The only con is there are no subtitles but otherwise they are pretty great with their special features like live streaming, regular updates, etc. If you want more information on each site feel free to read our blog post above where we explain everything else regarding them as well as our opinion on how good it is! Thanks for reading & happy watching!. watch Cartoon online for free.

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