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Many gamers are looking for a way to install the Game Pigeon on the internet. This game has a large gaming fanbase, and people are finding a safe way to install the game pigeon on android. So, We’ve decided to add a post a guide on installing and playing game pigeon on android.

So after some coffee and some research on this game, we have come up with some tips and tricks to install Pigeon for android. Read the article to the end for complete information.

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So without any further ado, let;s dive deep into the cream of the article.


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Is Game Pigeon on Android

This question comes under the category of “one of the most searched questions.” As tons of Pigeon game fans are looking out a way to play Game Pigeon on android.

As we know, The game Pigeon was explicitly developed for iOS users, so using this game on android can be a challenge for many fellas out there.

But don’t worry, WAP News is one of the best Windows and smartphone news portals; here, we give the best tech-related tips and tricks. And we have found a way for android users to enjoy this awesome game on their android devices.

The answer of the question is, Yes! Yeah you can download this game on your android device without any facing any hazards. You download this game using the link provided below.

How to Install Game Pigeon Android

Installing game pigeon app on android is really easy, if you are following the steps correctly. So read all the steps carefully to enjoy game pigeonon android.

Step 1:

Download that app from the official site.

(Download link)

Step 2:

Try to go with Java Development Kit 9.

Step 3:

Download the macOS file from it.

Step 4:

Then go to the browser and run the command. It will allow you to download a macOS file. You have to let the SETTINGS run macros files.

Step 5:

You also have to allow the terminal command to run.

Step 6:

Now you can run the command.

Step 7:

When you run the command, you will have to enter an email. That should be the same that you used in your Mac OS.

Step 8:

After that, type your password followed by email.

Step 9:

Connect your Android with macOS. It requires you to go through the application downloaded message.

Step 10:

To log in with the server, enter the IP address of your macOS. Also, type out the ID and Password.

Step 11:

Once it is done, these devices are connected to your screen. You can test it by entering some text from your iOS device to your Android device. It may take up to three minutes to show a message on your Android device.

One must follow these steps to run the game pigeon app in there android device.


Is Game Pigeon on Android

The game is not offically available for the android users, but we have found a way to play the game pigeon on android. You can read the steps mentioned above for the guide to install the pigeon game.

Does Game Pigeon Work on Android

After installing the game, you can enjoy this game in your android, without facing any problems. But if you are facing one, let us know in the comment section, we will find a fix real soon.

Game Pigeon Not Working

If game pegion app is not working on your android device, you can try restarting the app, or your android phone. And if it still doesn’t work, then you must delete and reinstall the game.

Conclusion- Game Pigeon App

These are probably the best ways to play and install game pigeon for android. If you’re having any queries or if we are missing any point, just put it in the comment section, and We’ll send a response real soon. Also, if you use mediafire to install games in your pc, then you must check our other article on Is Mediafire Safe? Don’t try without reading this first.

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