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The most useless websites in the world!

Hi, my name is Shravan and I am a worthless piece of trash. A friend turned me onto this list of most useless websites on the internet today. They include some that most people have never heard of or thought existed online, but there are also quite a few that most people who use the internet casually will remember seeing at least once. Well, let’s get to it then, shall we? We’ll start with number 10 and work our way down:

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The most useless website ever:

Number 10 most useless website ever:

Pirate Bay’s “Useless” category!  So if you visit Pirate Bay’s Torrents webpage and click their Useless link (which is proudly displayed on their page), you get… nothing. It takes you to a black screen with the most useless of useless words: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” This is most likely some weird twisted message from Pirate Bay that they don’t want people on their site and most certainly not their Useless link. There’s even a little church-like building on there for some reason…   But it doesn’t matter anyway because Pirate Bay got shut down for good in December of 2014 after Swedish police raided both its offices and homes belonging to its founders.

Number 9 most useless website ever:

Next up, at number 9 we have Google Sightseeing which is exactly what it sounds like, taking pictures of things around the world for Google maps. Oh yeah, and they have a most useless category as well. So if you head on over there and check it out for yourself, you’ll see that most of the links take you to one of those sightseeing links that show up under each photo on Google Maps… but most of them don’t even work anyway so what’s the point?  

Number 8 most useless website ever:

Coming in at number 8 is a most useful website called bestwebsitesof2013 .com. Eh? EH? Yeah, alright people can complain all day long about this most useless list not really being so “useful” because most websites are full of things like most useless websites lists and most common words in the English language and most countries in Africa. But I just can’t help but think that most people don’t know about most things because they’re not worth knowing because most people aren’t any good at most things and most knowledge isn’t useful because it’s predigested or obvious to anyone with half a brain or most anything else like that. That said, for this article, we’ll assume you do indeed and in fact have half a brain… so here we go: if you use, you get a list of most useless websites ever! Not much more useless than that, right? So there is your number 8 most useless.

Number 7 most useless website ever:

At number 7 most useless website we have a most useless list of most useless websites. That’s right, it’s a most useless list of most useful websites! What the heck is that? Well at least there are links to all their most useful sites which might make them useful in some capacity or another… but not really because they’re mostly ads for other most useless websites (WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY FOR THIS SITE COME FROM?!) and you probably don’t want to check out any of those either because I seriously doubt anyone does since these guys take up this space on the internet and everyone else isn’t making money and saying how great and awesome and amazing they are (which all their “most useful” websites most likely are not). And if you’re looking to find out what the most useless website is at number 6, scroll down just a bit because we’re getting there.

Number 6 most useless website ever: 

Number six most useless website is most people’s most useless website: LinkedIn. A professional networking site for all the most respectable professionals and most respectable companies… for some reason. I don’t know about you but whenever I’m doing something completely unrespectable I sure as heck don’t want anyone from my old work finding out about it, which they will thank to LinkedIn! And thanks to that whole Facebook fiasco where all those employers found out what their employees were really up to when they weren’t working, now everyone’s paranoid about who knows what about what they’ve been up to on LinkedIn. But most of all most people hate LinkedIn most because they have the most useless websites posted every which way you look and most good jobs are now going to most foreign countries where most American professionals can’t get a most useless job, most likely because those most useless foreigners speak most different languages instead of the same as everyone else in America, like English.

 Number 5 most useless website:

So for this one, I’m not sure what’s more useless, the fact that it exists or that it doesn’t. Because at number five we have What color is my parachute? , a website for older folks who want to retire but don’t know if their 401k will be enough so they want to find out what most useless color their most useless parachute is. Because if most retirees are anything it’s mostly useless, what with not having most of a job or most friends to talk to anymore, so they need most websites that tell them what works best for most people who have most everything figured out.

Number 4 most useless website:

At number 4 we have another most useless list of most useful websites: Most popular clubs online. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather go out and meet someone in person than on some website somewhere on the internet… which brings me to my next point…

Number 3 most useless website:

Number 3 most useless website: At number three we have another most useless list, this time of top 10 best places to meet women over 40. Yeah, because there are all these most popular most places to meet most people but none of them are most women over 40 which is pretty much most useless because most women over 40 who actually date will find a most useless man anywhere they go… and most younger men don’t want anything to do with most older women so nether group has much luck. But this site claims that the best place to meet those most elusive few good mature 10 out of those 10 million dirty old ladies you can ride in your pocket at any given time so you never have to lose touch is at church. Because every church has a ton of creepy guys and 20-30-year-old desperate girls trying to raise their worth in this world by becoming more religious, and then we all know how romantic that sounds!

Number 2 most useless website:

The most useless list of most useful websites continues this time at number two with another most useless list, most popular clubs in America. Every city has a ton of most dance clubs and most bars that would be fun if it wasn’t for all the most people there that aren’t your type. Once again we find ourselves back around our common theme…

Number 1 most useless website:

Welcome to the number one most useless website on the entire internet: Top 10 most amazing facts. An actual article about an actual online article about actual facts. This is pretty much what you’d expect from any Top 10 list because there are only ten facts and ten places to put them so they go in order starting with number one most amazing fact down to number ten most useless fact, but there’s never any room for most useful facts that are most not amazing. And here at the most useless list of most useless websites, I can guarantee you that this article doesn’t have the 10 most useful facts in it! So we’re going to skip over those and go right into our next segment:

FAQs: The Most Useless Websites

Did my reader know about these most useless websites before reading this article?  

No, and now they do.

Why write about such most useless things?

Because no one else would!

When will the next part be published?

It’s done already now move along!

When will this article be finished?

How should I know to stop asking me questions like that!

Conclusion: The Most Useless Websites

Well, guys, you heard most of it right here from most useless websites so you pretty much have most of the info already. And I’m sure most of you will agree that most useless list articles should be most useless and getting most useless by now… but if not…

So what do YOU think? Have anything to say? Let me know in the comments below! Did you like this article? Then please click the share buttons below and help other people find out about the most useless websites too! Thanks for reading; until next time, remember to stay most curious. -Devain (Slightly Fazed Forever) P.S.: My apologies for spending most of my time talking about I was going to talk about

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