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Considering the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are running out of jobs. To put them in harsh yet real terms- they’re being forced to quit as the organizations are not in a condition to pay them well. Even if you’re working, chances are that your salary in hand can be a bit less than usual.

Now is the ideal time to consider what to do in the future to keep our jobs sustaining or to start a new venture. In case you’re a Freelancer or a ‘wanna-be’ one, read us to know how to make most of the lockdown as a freelancer.

Discover new skills to widen your freelancing clients

Stuck on dead-end skills with too much competition? It is maybe then time to learn new skills from various platforms that provide you with the mind-blowing syllabus of courses to get a virtual diploma in. Everything at a minimal cost or for free. Moreover, you may see a big hike of clients who might be interested in your services. All you need to do is expand the horizon of your skillsets and begin generating your pay right away. The platforms where self-paced courses are available can adhere to your tough freelancing timelines and can also cover up most of your empty time in the day.

Things that can be done on a virtual platform will get more clients

Meanwhile, you’re thinking of learning something new, why not analyze and understand the need of the hour? Statistics say that, having the skills that promote digital services and facilities are booming soon. So head on to learning something that doesn’t require your physical presence in the office. Meanwhile, you can also work on everlasting skills such as personality, charisma, and soft skills!

Research and refine

Lockdown is a perfect time for freelancers for some market survey and refining of the client’s requirements. One can focus on multiple queries of the client and make common quotations for your maximum benefit. It is necessary during this lockdown phase as this time the needs can increase but the pay can not considering the economic status of your country. Here you can also stand a chance to work for it and yet keep your career at a progressive pace.

Update the policies

Maybe it’s time to redefine your policies regarding work and payment. It’s time to go the extra mile beyond your work hours to benefit your client and yourself as well. Moreover, one can expect the changes in payment policies from your clients due to the economic crisis, but to know how to make most out of the Lockdown as a freelancer, one must know when it’s time to change the pay scale, timing and working processes.

Learn advance concepts of your skillset

Has it ever occurred to you as a freelancer that your client demands something more and additional details from your end but you’re unable to reach it because you’ve never learned it? Thanks to the office hours that there was never time to clear the advanced concepts of your skills. Here’s a time when your freelancing approach can take a positive turn when you’ll redefine your skills with advanced concepts and take a deeper dive into it. Not just for the sake of money, but you can also put off best foot forward to be eligible to take up some work and there might be a time when your skills will speak for you.

Begin a new venture

Integrate your skills with some new, widen up the scope of your work and take on the extra work from the clients! This is the right time to embark on your new venture with amalgamations of acquired competency skills and adequacy of experience. With a ready-to-work team and round the clock service provision, you can not only reach onto greater heights but also can make more profit as a freelancer.

Collaborate to enhance your business

Ever thought of long-term collaborations with multiple firms? You can enlist various businesses that seek your skills and collaborate with them for lesser costs. Understanding that the need of the hour is helping with each other and not the money. After all, growing is associated with the network and not always with monetary terms.

These are some of the ‘how to’s’ in many of the other out there. Moreover, these are not just essentials but might just save you from your freelancing career. It’s not just necessary to help out each other, but always one should reach out to new opportunities and acquire good new skills like coding, You can use any application from this list of best applications to learn coding at home.

Happy lockdown, stay safe, and make the most out of the Lockdown as a Freelancer!

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