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Music – The best companion of an individual. Whether it is the midnight sorrows that haunt you or the energetic fitness exercises that motivate you, the music never seems to leave you alone. Irrespective of the situation, listening to songs makes things better. Music acts as one of the best medicines for a wandered soul. Just observe your mood swings, change the tracks accordingly and you soon realize that you need nothing but music. From completing the lame and traditional high school assignments to writing interesting blogs like these, music makes the journey damn easy.

Although, opting for online music streaming applications like YouTube Music, Wynk and many others is quite trending these days. Bur, the user experience becomes a lot more comforting and blissful as compared to the traditional built-in music players because of Spotify. Spotify makes its impact globally, with more than a 500M downloads and 18M reviews, and ranks as the “Top Free Application” under the “Music and Audio” category. Moreover, it is one of the most used applications in the world. 

change spotify username

The question that most of the Spotify users have is how to change your Spotify username. The default username given by Spotify consists of random numbers and letters which can’t actually be changed once you have created an account. This could be considered as on the drawbacks of the application, but it doesn’t mean that a user can’t do anything about it. There are indeed a few ways to overcome this issue.

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Let’s discuss these things from the scratch:

While creating a new account 

At the signup stage, a new user must make sure that they use their Facebook account for creating a new account instead of using their email. The basic difference between the two is that when a user uses his/her email Id as a signup option, he/she would land up getting an automatic system generated username which most of the users don’t like. Instead of using the Facebook account as a signup option makes sure that Spotify displays your Facebook name.

In-case you already have an Account:

(a) Connecting your Facebook account to the current Spotify account:

To display your Facebook name and profile picture on your present Spotify Account, you must follow these steps –

  1. Open the settings tab on the Spotify app.
  2. Under the social header, go to the Facebook section and select the ‘Connect to Facebook’ option.
  3. Enter the required details and simply log in.

(b) Change your display name:

Using this option is just like creating an illusion. Well, as per the application policy, a user can change the Spotify display name but not the username. Confused? Don’t worry; it’s really easy to understand. The display name is something that shows up on your profile, playlists and friend activity features. It replaces the username but only for display purpose.

Unfortunately, you will have to use your email address or username for login purpose. You cannot use the display name for logging in on the application.

You can change the user name by following the steps given below –

  1. Tap Home, and then go to the ‘Settings Pane’.
  2. Tap on the ‘View Profile’ tab.
  3. Select the ‘Edit Profile’ option.
  4. Tap on the ‘Display Name’ and change it as per your choice.
  5. Finally, save the above changes.

 Deleting the Old Account and replacing it with a new one:

If none of the above-discussed options seems to satisfy you and you have made a decision of replacing your old Spotify account with a new one instead of connecting your Facebook account, then do consider the following things:

  1. First, you need to close your old account permanently. In case you have a subscription, make sure that you first cancel it, after which you can request to close the present account.
  2. After completing the first step you can create a new account by signing up again. Now, you have the option to create any username you would like to use.
  3. Deleting your account will erase all the data your account had. For example your playlist friend list or saved music. However, this data can be retrieved if the necessary steps are followed within 7 days of closure of the previous account.
  4. For data recovery, the user must go to the Support section and request to move your playlist and saved music over. The Spotify personnel will then contact you within 48 hours of the submission of the request.

Just follow any of the above procedures when you are pondering on how to change your Spotify username. Change your username as per your choice and simply keep tuning!

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