Screenshots are one of the most used features of android phones since time unknown. But what if you are asked to send a screenshot of your desktop? Got too stuck? Haha, please have no worries; use a snipping tool for mac and you are through!

So what does a snipping tool for mac basically refer to? A snipping tool is one of the most famous inbuilt applications of Microsoft. It helps a Windows user to not just take a screenshot but also gives an additional advantage of adding effects and edits to the captured image. Does macOS provide such an in-built snipping tool? Well, nothing to panic about!

The answer to all your questions lies below. Make sure you go through everything in detail and get your questions of the best snipping tools for macOS solved.

Best Snipping Tools for macOS

Also, if you ask about some third party applications that help a MAC user to access such features, then talking about Mac OS users, the exact snipping tool mac software isn’t actually available for them but MacOS X does give in its own screenshot utility feature under the name ‘Grab’. And why worry when you have us? We are here to make things simpler and sorted for you. Let’s first discuss Grab and then talk about other third-party applications which claim to have a slight edge over Grab.


Grab uses basic command inputs from the keyboard and allows you to take screenshots of different types based on what you press in. The commands associated with the grab are as follows:

1. To Capture the Screenshot of your Desktop: Simply use Command + Shift + 3.

2. To Capture the Screenshot of a Boxed Area: Simply use Command + Shift + 4.

3. To Capture the Screenshot of a Particular Window: Simply use Command + Shift + 4 + Space altogether, whenever the window is Active on your Desktop.

To copy the captured screenshot image onto your Clipboard, Simply use Command + Shift + 3. This way you can use the Grab Utility on your Mac.

However, the features and quality provided by this inbuilt application on comparing with the rival third-party applications might tend to upset you. This is the basic reason why Mac OS users tend to prefer them over the Grab utility feature.

Moreover, if Grab doesn’t seem to make you happy for some reason, then there are still hundreds and tons of other third-party applications you can use to get your work done. The more you dig into these applications, the more you get confused. So it is always better to have some experienced person to help you out. It’s time that we discuss them now.

The following list consists of the names of the best snipping tools for mac that the users can opt for-


Lightshot is indeed one of the most unforgettable snipping tools that a Mac OS user can ever think of! It does provide a huge quantity of features that makes any user fall in. Click here to visit.

Best Snipping Tools for macOS

Using Lightshot a user can –

· Capture the screenshot of a particular area using the drag-and-select feature.

· View the Displayed image once it has been captured.

· Edit and make boring screenshots look simply awesome.

· Share them around Easily.


Snagit is one of the best snipping tools for macOS used in the corporate world. Out of so many features provided by it, the following are the most notable ones are as given below. Click here to visit.

· Importing Images using a scanner or a Camera.

· Capturing texts from an image file.

· Flexibility of capturing various sizes of screen area.

· Editing Images and Capturing Videos.


If you are looking for a snipping tool for mac that could help you capture a screenshot without worrying about the key combinations, then SnapNDrag is the best tool you can come across. Its top features are given below. Click here to visit.

· Convenient Library for Storage.

· Multiple Output Formats for the same file.

· Easy and Quick Annotation of the Image thus captured.



Providing efficient solutions for professionals, the CloudApp ranks among one of the best snipping tools for macOS users can think of. It is popular because of the reasons given below. Click here to visit.

best snipping applications mac

· Built-in analytical tools.

· White label capabilities.

· Secured sharing option.

· Quick GIF or video creation ability.

· Uploading of files directly to the cloud.

· Searching images, texts, objects, and attributes.

Hope that you might have had one of the most precise and trustworthy experiences in snipping. Just check-in for your requirements above and try it out yourself!

End of The Line –

These are probably the finest snipping tools available for macOS. If you think this list of best snipping tools 2021 is missing any tool, let us know in the comments and We will add the tool to our list. Also Check our list of Best Kodi Addons. 

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