All the Nintendo 3ds Emulator fans out there know that Nintendo is one of the best companies to create video games ever and is regarded as the best seller worldwide. Some of the most popular games produced by Nintendo are: 

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Animal Crossing
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
  • Pokemon Sun & Moon
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

And now you can play these amazing games on your PC and android, isn’t that amazing? The article is stuffed with the best Nintendo 3ds emulators. All the emulators in the list are free and easy to use. 

So how can you play a Nintendo 3ds game on your pc? The answers are simple. You can player Nintendo 3ds games on your pc and android using 3ds emulators. What are the best Nintendo 3ds emulators? Read the article to the end to get the full detailed comparison, pros, and cons of the 3ds emulators.

In this article, we’ll cover some important topics like:

  • What is a Nintendo 3ds Emulator?
  • List of Best Nintendo 3ds Emulator?
  • Some imp FAQs
  • Conclusion

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So without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the cream of the article. 

What is a Nintendo 3Ds Emulator?

So what is a Nintendo 3ds emulator, truly? It is a program that lets you replicate Nintendo games on a pc and android.

Using a Nintendo 3ds emulator, you can play all your lovable Nintendo games on pc and android legally and for free.

The emulators come with a clean user friendly interface, and you can play games in high graphics quality. But not all emulators come with these cool pros, and there are always some shortcomings as well.

So read the article to the end to play your favorite Nintendo 3ds games on pc and android.

List of Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PC & Android

Here is the list of the best Nintendo 3ds emulator for pc and android.

Citra 3DS Emulator

Citra 3DS Emulator

This software is available for Windows as well as Mac. It is very efficient in its functioning. It has a full revolution of 60 frames per second. It also has the anti-aliasing feature added to it. It has this limitation that it can only work with 64- bit versions of Operating Systems. It is an open source project which can be downloaded from the internet at absolutely no cost. It also has the additional feature of splitting the screen into two screens.

NDS Boy!

NDS Boy!

It works for phones with at least 2 GB RAM and a quad-core CPU. It supports portrait as well as landscape modes. You can also resize the screen to any size you want. Also, the move buttons can be controlled. The best feature that it upholds is saving the game automatically after a specified interval of time. This positively helps the players to continue with the game in case your device hangs or crashes at any moment.

Mega N64

Mega N64

It is another interesting and reliable 3DS emulator for Android users. Like most of the options, it is also available at the Play Store for free download. To use this emulator, you are required to place your game files onto your SD card. It is a modified form of an Open Source project known as Mupen64. It has modifications pertaining to performance, UI, and enhancement for use on more models and devices.



RetroArch takes the second and final position in this short list of the best Nintendo 3DS emulators of all time. Not only is this program one of the best in the business and highly revered, but it also comes with bad-ass overlays that give your PC screen a specific theme.

Remember how Toys ‘R’ Us used to have everything under one roof? Well, RetroArch has every console under one digital roof. It’s a one stop shop for emulators and saves users having to search for multiple emulators for their different retro consoles.  

Ultimate x3DSx Gold

Ultimate x3DSx Gold

This one has all the significant features which will allow you to play the Nintendo games without any interruption. It works for nearly all the games on Android devices. When you have installed it, you can have access to Gyroscope, tilt, and solar sensor. It is available to download for free.

DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator

It enhances the 3D graphics on high-end quad-core devices. Also, it runs at a super-fast speed thus not letting you down in any way. Its best part is that it has a massive database of cheats for almost all games. This helps a great deal in customizing your game-play whereby you can tweak your gaming experiences using these cheats. It also allows you to sync the saved files with your Google Drive so that you can have the advantage of accessing them on any device you want to. It also fully supports add-on controllers.

Though it comes with a lot of such attractive features, it comes with a cost of 340 INR.



It is an open source emulator, and it offers the closest feel of playing Nintendo games on Android devices. You can download it through Play Store or APK.



Pretendo NDS Emulator is the first emulator on this list. It’s a popular emulator that’s available for tablet & Android smartphone users. To access some of the best Nintendo games, you can load 3DS ROMs with .ds, .rom, .rar & .zip formats.

However, there’s a catch.

Before you load any ROM into the app, you need to make sure that the ROM is legally purchased. Or else the Pretendo NDS emulator will not work for you. Once you’ve loaded the ROM, it’s up to you to customize the app.

After getting my hands on the emulator, the first thing I noticed was its similarity with the Nintendo DS Console. With some tweaks here & there, you can easily turn on the AutoSave option. Once enabled, the game will save automatically.



This Nintendo Emulator is a freeware that frequently comes with updates which you can buy at a totally reasonable price in order to keep having a brilliant gaming experience. It is a Game Boy Nintendo DS/ DS Lite Emulator available for Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you pay for the updates, you will be updated every time the developer update.


This is another open source emulator for Nintendo games. It is not developed now, but it was developed by a very experienced DS developer. You can find the files on GitHub, but they cannot be downloaded officially. It has received complaints of getting crashed although it is suitable for Windows and Linux.


Which is the Best Nintendo 3ds Emulator for Android

The best Nintendo 3ds Emulator for Android is RetroArch.

best Nintendo 3ds emulator link:

Which is the Best Nintendo 3ds Emulator for iOS

The best Nintendo 3ds Emulator for iOS is Citra.

best Nintendo 3ds emulator link:

Are Nintendo 3ds Emulator Safe to Use?

The answer to the question, Are Nintendo 3ds Emulator Safe to use? Is yes. All the Nintendo 3ds emulators in the list are free and safe to use. You can download the best Nintendo 3ds emulator from its official website mentioned in the article.

If you are facing any issues using these apps, just put it in the comment section and we’ll send a response as soon as possible 🙂

Conclusion- Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulator

These are probably the best Nintendo 3ds emulator for android and iOS. If you’re having any queries or we are missing any point, just put it in the comment section, and We’ll send a response real soon. Also, if you are a gamer, you must check the list of 7 games like EVE Online. 

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