best apps to pass time during covid 19 pandemic

COVID – 19 has made very nasty situations worldwide. Although, there are conditions of market reopening, economies getting in place but social distancing has changed everything, and getting out in a risky environment is hazardous! Yes, our days have no good reason to kill time by sitting ideally at home, we have finished old family photo tours, cooking, playing, and even family time.

But now it is getting too much to digest. Although it is suggested to recreate a world with fewer technical engagements, I think with this fast-paced lifestyle we need an upgrade. And updating our pastime activities is a great way to start that. Here, we have listed some suggestions for best apps to pass time during COVID 19 pandemic that you will not regret after spending time with:

best apps to pass time during covid 19 pandemic


Here on Coursera, you can enjoy online courses in programming, music, languages, and more from top international universities. Here you’ll get knowledge and a valuable certification from top international universities. Gain something from your pastime, move your fingers, and make your passion a certified skill.

Recommended for:

· Qualitative lectures

· Assessments for each section

· Verified, comprehensible & engaging sessions.

· Certificate for each course

· Less time and more learning.

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Words with Friends:

One of the classic crossword puzzle games, making friends and challenging your intellect is the most fun about the word with friends game.

Recommended for:

· Its popularity

· Best pastime and learning

· Talk to your friends ·

Enhances your vocabulary

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Quizup is the biggest trivia in the world! I am sure social media has become boring as hell at this time exclusively. This is a fun, challenging, online trivia, that has millions of players with the highest intellect from all over the world.

Recommended for:

· Best quality

· Enriching subject area

· Enhances IQ

· Famous for its Gameshow approach

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If you love discovering new content in your free time, you’ll get addicted to this TED app. Videos, inspiration, motivation, and life-changing speeches around the world will be served to you just in one click.

Recommended for:

· Quality serve

· Enriching entrainment

· Curated without noise

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As a well-known fact, talking is one of the best ways to pass the time. And this OpenTalk app lets you do just that, and not just with your friends! OpenTalk lets you connect with people from all over the globe. Imagine a world without boundaries especially in this situation where social distancing had taken up all the fun of human being a social animal.

Recommended for

· Authentic made in India

· Popular all over the world

· Helps in English speaking

· Make new friends

· Privacy features

· Free Audio-video calls

[appbox googleplay id=com.opentalk ] [appbox appstore id1226049483 ]


Quora is the best place to share knowledge and understanding if anything is not known. You can even ask a question and if there is anything you know, you can also feel free to share your intellect with the world. An ideal place for free advisors.

Recommended for

· Best knowledge support

· Highest rating

· Mostly used the app

· Best for bloggers

· Amazing & reliable answers for every subject

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Memes Generator Free

If you can’t get away from social media, then be on your own and compete with those ruling meme pages. Stay entertained with memes and make everyone laugh, and create them too! Unleash your creativity with this Meme Generator Free app, share your talent with your friends and family, be a reason for their smile.

Recommended for

· Best quality and wide range of images

· Highest rated

· No watermarks

· Free unlimited excess

· Easy sharing

[appbox googleplay id=com.zombodroid.MemeGenerato ] [appbox appstore id645831841 ]

Conclusion –

These are some by our recommendations try them and get the best out of your boredom and learn some new skill to increase your skillset.

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